Two Dog Special

Two Hot Dogs, Fries, and a Mountain Dew for Tree Fiddy.

Two Dog Special is created and maintained by a pack of special dogs who once lived in a single place but have since dispersed. This blog is to keep our creative juices flowing and to keep in touch at the same time. Go us.

Goodbye, forum

 The state of our forum is weak.  Spammers have taken over.  Here is a screenshot from my gmail account.  Notice the bit that says "21-40 of thousands".  Lets say our goodbyes and our better luck next times.

The latest from T.D.S. Records


Okay Two Dogs Specials, goal for this week is to smoke as much mulch as you can.  Our goal this week: 


Kyle and I survived our first earthquake, a 5.6 on the Richter Scale at the source.  Go us! 

can we haz forumz?

Yes you can! The forum is up and running here! Go register right away!  Voice your opinions!  Rave!  Rant!  Just don't mention the price of a two dog special these days...

a trip to tommys

I’ll have the special

How you doin?
 What can I get for ya?
-Two-dog special please, everything on it.
One two-dog special with the works: mustard, onions, comics, tomatoes, videos, celery salt, and blogs. Anything else?
-Yeah, I'll take a cup a cheese, mozzarella stix, and some stoner humor. 
 Is that for here or to go?
-For here, please.