Two Dog Special

Two Hot Dogs, Fries, and a Mountain Dew for Tree Fiddy.

Two Dog Special is created and maintained by a pack of special dogs who once lived in a single place but have since dispersed. This blog is to keep our creative juices flowing and to keep in touch at the same time. Go us.

a trip to tommys

The 1950’s

The Ultimate Realtor

Recently renovated, this superb Midwestern ranch is sure to please.
Post modern design features and quaint interior design make this house a dream home for any family!
Recently installed front lawn/pool will leave your neighbors jealous with rage!
Just think of it as a moat!
You know, like medieval times!
You kids like that stuff, right!
Defend what is [...]

I’ll have the special

How you doin?
 What can I get for ya?
-Two-dog special please, everything on it.
One two-dog special with the works: mustard, onions, comics, tomatoes, videos, celery salt, and blogs. Anything else?
-Yeah, I'll take a cup a cheese, mozzarella stix, and some stoner humor. 
 Is that for here or to go?
-For here, please.

The King of Kong is a good movie.  It follows two competitors of the Donkey Kong world record score, and one of them, the holder of the title since '85 is a douche.  He used to be all about head-to-head competitions, but now he refuses to show his face at Twin Galaxies.  Let's track him [...]