Two Dog Special

Two Hot Dogs, Fries, and a Mountain Dew for Tree Fiddy.

Two Dog Special is created and maintained by a pack of special dogs who once lived in a single place but have since dispersed. This blog is to keep our creative juices flowing and to keep in touch at the same time. Go us.


Kyle and I survived our first earthquake, a 5.6 on the Richter Scale at the source.  Go us! 

Happy Mallowheen!

You are no WIZARD!!!!!!!

How dare you post this nonsense Buck!!! Magery is not the walk in the park that you make it out to be. It seems you have had no success with the profession, so you post here, giving a how to guide on something you know nothing about. Well i have had enough! [...]

can we haz forumz?

Yes you can! The forum is up and running here! Go register right away!  Voice your opinions!  Rave!  Rant!  Just don't mention the price of a two dog special these days...

I love it when you call me. Big, Papa.


The real Baby Jesus

I am a wizard.

I recently discovered that with the aid of higher-end roman candles (for fireball spells), Black Cats (for high level destruction spells), smoke bombs (illusion), and a simple wizard's robe, I can arouse terror and fearful speculation in large groups of people. It also helps if you loudly yell obscure Elven names from Lord of [...]

Coming Soon…


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