Two Dog Special

Two Hot Dogs, Fries, and a Mountain Dew for Tree Fiddy.

Two Dog Special is created and maintained by a pack of special dogs who once lived in a single place but have since dispersed. This blog is to keep our creative juices flowing and to keep in touch at the same time. Go us.

“It is time to get the CARVING ON!”

Wow, Now that is the way to get the turkey chopped up fast.

The latest from T.D.S. Records

Got to pay my member dues…

"And lo, the Lord Almighty commanded his followers: "Shirts and skins b-ball! Hustle up, guys!"" - Wilson 4:20

SF Rules

SF RULES!.....but were are all the gays, I am mad that I have not seen two hot guys making out yet

New Action Figure

Mattel has issued a recall on the too sexy action figure due to the overwhelming number of chocking deaths that are occuring when the owner of the doll gets the anatomically correct peices stuck in their wind pipes


Okay Two Dogs Specials, goal for this week is to smoke as much mulch as you can.  Our goal this week: