How dare you post this nonsense Buck!!! Magery is not the walk in the park that you make it out to be. It seems you have had no success with the profession, so you post here, giving a how to guide on something you know nothing about. Well i have had enough! Fireworks!? Lord of the Rings?! This bally hoo will end here and NOW! I am willing to share my knowledge of the dark arts my friend. Pay close attention.

Intelligence is the key to harnessing arcane powers. Your lack of intelligence is your downfall. For starters, try to find a set of crimson armor. Crimson armor is buffed with an extremely high intelligence rating. Also, for a mage, the ability to withstand physical damage is VERY important as well. Crimson armor has you covered, loaded with a 30-40% chance that you will successfully resist a physical attack. As a true spellweaving master, Focus is also a very key element in this recipe for pure pownage. Focus governs your ability to effectively cast a spell. Your spell book may be (i doubt) full of amazing, ungodly spells but without focus, you are like a fag without a dick. To remedy your lack of focus, i recommend you travel to the dungeons of Enoch's Lair. You must defeat Enoch and loot his war stained corpse. You will find the Ring of Eternal Focus. This tiny accessory adds a whopping +68 to your Focus!!!

This is only the beginning Buck. If you do as i have instructed above, you will surely be on your way to Grand Master Mage. If not, i will teleport to your current location and smite the shit out of you!

I can see you......